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Citrine Bracelet 8mm

Citrine Bracelet 8mm

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Known as “A Stone of Optimism” 

Each of our beautiful hand-crafted energy bracelets is made using the highest quality genuine 8mm semi-precious gemstone beads selected for specific properties. Every bracelet has special intentions that work to transform and support your journey.

Citrine is a lovely gemstone that always brightens up your day. Reminiscent of the warm summer sun, the warm hue of the sunset over the ocean, or the rich color of honey, this delightful little gem is a beautiful reminder to rise and shine. Slip this gorgeous citrine gemstone bead bracelet on your wrist and instantly elevate your mood. 

Just like the warm feelings of joy we feel from the sun, citrine’s metaphysical properties also give cause for us to feel uplifted and light. Citrine is a stone of optimism and enhances gentle and uplifting feelings of joy and happiness. Wearing citrine will attract positivity to you and allow you to exude positivity. 

  • Gemstone: Genuine Citrine 
  • Color: Light golden-yellow
  • Bracelet Size: Approx. circumference 7.5 to 8"
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Features: Handmade item with a durable and stretchable closure, 

Comes with a pouch and box

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