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Amethyst Round Beads Slide Bracelet 8mm

Amethyst Round Beads Slide Bracelet 8mm

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Known as “A Stone of Peace” 

Adjustable knot bracelets are designed with a series of traditional knots woven together to create a secure sliding connection that will form the bracelet to your wrist. Our pull-cord bracelets are embellished with genuine gemstones, each one with special intentions that work to transform and support your journey.

One of the most popular semi-precious stones of all time, amethyst, graces this pull-cord bracelet and promotes serenity, and the lovely purple color represents the purity of spirit. Wearing this amethyst slide bracelet is a constant reminder to feel calm and cool even in the midst of controversy. 

The word amethyst derives from the Greek word amethustos, meaning sober. In ancient times gems were thought to have magical properties and amethyst purportedly had the power to keep you from getting drunk. The meaning has taken on more significance and now translates to the clarity and balance of the mind. 

  • Gemstone: Genuine Amethyst  
  • Color: Purple
  • Bracelet Size: Adjustable to fit most wrists
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Features: Handmade item with pull-tab closure, and
  • comes with a pouch and box.
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