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Amethyst Bracelet 8mm

Amethyst Bracelet 8mm

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Known as "The Stone of Clarity" 

Each of our beautiful hand-crafted energy bracelets is made using the highest quality genuine 8mm semi-precious gemstone beads selected for specific properties. Every bracelet has special intentions that work to transform and support your journey.

Eye-catching amethysts have long been known for their striking purple color and as the most valued member of the quartz family. With its unique color, rarely found in nature, the lush violet and lavender hues of amethyst were so highly treasured that it was considered a stone of "royalty." Slip on this gorgeous gem of a bracelet with genuine 8mm amethyst beads and treat yourself like royalty. 

Amethyst, known as a stone of clarity, enhances the wearers' ability to problem-solve through critical thinking for effective communication and balance. It is also a meditative stone promoting calmness and peace. 

  • Gemstone: Genuine Amethys
  • Color: Purple, violet, and lavender
  • Bracelet Size: Approx. circumference 7.5 to 8"
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Features: Handmade item with a durable and stretchable closure, 

Comes with a pouch and box.

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