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Black Cloudy Amazonite Round Beads Slide Bracelet 8mm

Black Cloudy Amazonite Round Beads Slide Bracelet 8mm

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Known as “A Stone of Abundance” 

Adjustable knot bracelets are designed with a series of traditional knots woven together to create a secure sliding connection that will form the bracelet to your wrist. Our pull-cord bracelets are embellished with genuine gemstones, each one with special intentions that work to transform and support your journey.

Black cloudy amazonite has an opaque matrix laced with swirls of black and blue and flashes of yellow that look like clouds. The beads have an air of mystery and evoke intrigue, and when you wear this semiprecious stone bracelet, you’ll attract fortune and luck. 

Manifest your deepest desires with black cloudy amazonite in your possession; it helps you be bold and brave and make your dreams come true. It can also help you unleash your imagination and enhance your creativity. 

  • Gemstone: Genuine Black Cloudy Amazonite   
  • Color: Blue-black with yellow
  • Bracelet Size: Adjustable to fit most wrists
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Features: Handmade item with a pull-tab closure, and
  • comes with a pouch and box.
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