Join Our Free Terminal Program for Partners!

*Introducing the WOW Box Virtual Terminal Business Partner Program*

We are excited to announce that we are seeking business partners from various industries, including coffee shops nail salons, beauty salons to join our innovative program.

*What's in it for you?*

  • *Zero Cost:* There is no cost to you as a partner.
  • *Attractive Counter Displays:* We will provide you with stylish counter displays that feature a QR code.
  • *Exclusive Discounts:* Customers can scan the QR code to receive a discount code, which also attributes the sale to your store.
  • *Customized Designs:* We advertise products as being your store's customers , leveraging our artificial intelligence to create unique items.

These are then handmade within 15 days.

  • *Enhanced Customer Experience:* If your store has dinning or seating areas , you may choose to display our service on a computer screen from which you can advertise your own business , we will help with the production of your advertising copy, adding an interactive element to your store and improving customer engagement.
  • *Email Capture:* This program also helps you build your customer relationship by capturing opt-in email addresses, which you can use for future promotions or communication.

*What are the benefits?*

  • *Win-Win Strategy:* This program is designed to be mutually beneficial, enhancing your store's appeal while offering unique products to your customers.
  • *Limited Initial Participation:* We are looking for 500 initial participants to join this exciting venture.
  • *Profit with No Effort:* The best-performing store in our pilot phase made $400 in the first month without any additional effort.
  • *Monthly Payments:* We will send you a check at the end of every month based on the sales attributed to your store.

Join us in this exciting journey to revolutionize the retail experience.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the WOW Box Virtual Terminal Business Partner Program, contact us today!

This program is designed to enhance the customer experience in your brick-and-mortar store, coffee shop, or beauty salon by providing a unique and interactive opportunity.

As a partner, you will receive a computer terminal to display in your store. This terminal allows your customers to engage with our products by designing their own personalized items. It's a perfect way to entertain your customers while they are waiting or enjoying their coffee.

Key Benefits of the Program:

  • Earn Commission: For every purchase made through the terminal, your store will earn a 10% commission. It's a great way to generate additional revenue with minimal effort.
  • No Upfront Costs: The terminal is provided to you completely free of charge. There are no setup fees or hidden costs.
  • Flexibility: If you decide to discontinue the program, simply return the terminal. There's no obligation to continue.

We believe this program is an excellent fit for stores where customers spend time waiting or relaxing. It adds value to their visit and provides them with a memorable experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to join our Free Terminal Program and offer your customers something truly special.

Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits!